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Bangladesh P-35 - Foreign Paper Money

Inv# FM1513   Paper Money
Bangladesh P-35 - Foreign Paper Money
Country: Bangladesh
Years: (2000)

10 Taka, P-35, Polymer Plastic.

The Bangladeshi taka (Bengali: টাকা, sign: , code: BDT, short form: Tk) is the currency of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. In Unicode, it is encoded at U+09F3 (HTML ).

Issuance of bank notes 100 and larger is controlled by Bangladesh Bank, while the 2 and 5 banknotes are the responsibility of the ministry of finance of the government of Bangladesh. The most commonly used symbol for the taka is "" and "Tk", used on receipts while purchasing goods and services. It was formerly divided into 100 poysha, but poysha coins are no longer in circulation.

Condition: C.U.
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.