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American Express Company

Inv# NA1003
American Express Company
State(s): New York
Years: 1866

Stock signed by Wm. G. Fargo as secretary and Henry Wells as president.
William G. Fargo (1818-1881), Expressman, First co-owner of Wells & Co., Secretary of American Express (1850), helped organize Wells, Fargo & Co. for express service to California (1852). By 1855 the company controlled Western express business, carrying gold dust, mail, packages, and passengers. Wells Fargo and associated express companies were united as the American Express Co. in 1873, with Fargo as president. He also served as Buffalo Mayor from 1862-66.
Henry Wells (1805-1878) Expressman. Formed American Express and became its President from 1850-68. In 1852 he organized Wells, Fargo & Co. James C. Fargo (1829-1915), Express Executive, Brother of William G. In 1866 became Superintendent and Manager of American Express and in 1881 became President.
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