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1,500 or 1,250 Shares Canada Southern Bridge Co. - 1877-1879 dated Michigan Railroad & Bridge Stock Certificate - Please Specify Number of Shares

Inv# HD1040   Stock
Country: Canada
State(s): New York
Years: 1877-1879
Color: Black Print

1,500 or 1,250 shares Stock printed by John Hamilton Stationer & Printer-NY. Rare!!! Please Specify Number of Shares you would like. From

This was a consolidation of two companies which operated track between Slocum Junction (near Trenton) to Stony Island (on the east side of Grosse Isle. It contained a swing bridge on the west side of Grosse Isle, and a fixed bridge from the island to Stony Island. Along with the railroad car ferry, this line provided service across the Detroit River to near Amherstberg, Ontario. Standard gauge, 3.66 miles long with 1.55 miles of sidings and spurs.

This was a Canada Southern ( CASO) bridge route from Amherstburg, Ontario to Michigan over Grosse Isle. This route was used extensively until the Michigan Central tunnel was built under the Detroit River about 1906. It continued to see freight and passenger service (to Grosse Isle) until the 1920's.

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Condition: Excellent

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