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Red Feather Oil Company - Stock Certificate

Inv# OS1074   Stock
Red Feather Oil Company - Stock Certificate
State(s): Colorado
Years: 1925

Stock printed by Goes. Great! Rare! So Unusual!

In COW SPRINGS ANTICLINE. West of D-Cross Mountain, the Mesaverde formation and underlying Mancos beds are folded and cut by several strike faults. Near the western border of the area a single anticlinal fold is present. This fold, known as the Cow Springs anticline, has its crest in secs. 30 and 31, T.4 N., R. 9 W., where, due to the folding, a small area of Mancos shale is exposed along Miguel Creek Canyon near Cow Springs. The area is exceedingly roughand almost impassable. The axis of the fold trendsroughly north-south. In 1925-26, the Red Feather Oil Co. drilled a test well in the southeast corner NE╝sec. 30, T. 4 N., R. 9 W., which test was abandoned at 1,330 feet. A show of oil at 1,000 feet in what was supposed to have been the Dakota sandstone was reported. From the book OIL AND GAS RESOURCES OF NEW MEXICO dated 1933

Condition: Excellent

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