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Payment Order Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Jedediah Huntington

Inv# CT1015
Payment Order Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Jedediah Huntington
State(s): Connecticut
Years: 1789

Oliver Wolcott, Jr.

Jedediah Huntington

CT1015. Civil List, Comptroller’s Office Pay Order dated 1789 signed by both Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Brigadier General Jedediah Huntington. Hole cancellation slightly affects Wolcott’s signature. Extremely Fine Condition. Rare!!! $125.00

CT1015a. Same but hole cancellation affects the “issued to” section of the note otherwise Extremely Fine Condition. $125.00

Same type as preceding. 1789-91 signed by both Ralph Pomeroy as Comptroller and Peter Colt as Treasurer. He was Grandfather of the famous gun maker Samuel Colt. Usual hole cancellation does not affect the nice signatures. Extremely Fine. Rare!!! $100.00

CT1015c. Same but cancellation barely touches Pomeroy signature otherwise Extremely Fine. $85.00
Please specify which type before ordering. Thank you.
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $125.00