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Charles Goodyear - Very Rare Signed Check

Inv# AG1082
Charles Goodyear - Very Rare Signed Check

Charles Goodyear (1800-1860), Inventor. Devised process for vulcanizing rubber. Started out in hardware business, inventing, manufacturing of farm implements. Bankrupt by 1830. He became determined to find a method of treating rubber for manufactured items. He persisted for 10 years and ended up in debtors prison. In 1839, he accidentally dropped rubber mixed with sulfur on a hot stove; the rubber did not melt and seemed improved. By 1844, he had perfected and patented this “vulcanization” process, which has remained basic in the industry. After many difficulties with his patents being infringed upon, he established his rights in 1852 but his lawyer, Daniel Webster, received more in fees than Goodyear ever reaped from his discovery. Died $200,000 in debt! Check on the Bank of Metropolis, Washington, D.C. is dated 1860 and has a superb signature of Charles Goodyear. Attractive Condition.
Condition: Excellent
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $800.00