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John W. MacKay signed California check - Western Mining Magnate

Inv# AG1028   Check
John W. MacKay signed California check - Western Mining Magnate
State(s): California
Years: 1870

Check from the Agency of the Bank of California signed by J.W. MacKay. 2 varieties; one from Bacon Mill as shown and another for Trenton Mill. All have revenue stamps. Please specify variety.

John William Mackay, (1831-1902), Miner and Capitalist. In reworking the Comstock Lode with up-to-date equipment, he made good profits. Later in 1873, his group struck the "Big Bonanza." Mackay became overnight the most spectacular success in Western mining. He later engaged in Real Estate, Banking, Railroads, and Telegraph. He made his greatest constructive contribution by breaking the Jay Gould-Western Union communications monopoly. He was shot in the back in California in 1893 but because of his exceptional physique was able to recover. 1860's check on the Bank of California with a nice signature of Mackay out of Virginia City, Nevada. Excellent Condition. Rare!
Condition: Excellent
Item ordered may not be exact piece shown. All original and authentic.
Price: $200.00